Awakened Beings


This book explains the var­i­ous stages of enlight­en­ment, con­tain­ing mate­r­ial found in chap­ters 6–11 of Bud­dhad­hamma. It is a com­pan­ion vol­ume to the book on Nib­bāna and to the book on Calm & Insight.

This book describes in detail the var­i­ous stages of enlight­en­ment, and shows how the Bud­dha defined a truly ‘noble’ per­son. As the ven­er­a­ble author points out, there is a ten­dency to look at fully awak­ened beings—arahants—in a negat­ing sense, by only focus­ing on those things they have aban­doned. He empha­sizes how such indi­vid­u­als are actively engaged in soci­ety, work­ing tire­lessly for the well­be­ing of oth­ers. More­over, he describes the truly emi­nent and extra­or­di­nary qual­i­ties of these fully awak­ened indi­vid­u­als, includ­ing the mas­tery over their own perceptions.

An out­stand­ing fea­ture of this book is its empha­sis on ‘stream-entry,’ the first stage of awak­en­ing, where one is ‘sure in des­tiny, with enlight­en­ment as one’s des­ti­na­tion.’ As Ajahn Payutto points out, the encour­age­ment to reach stream-entry pro­vides a real­is­tic, less intim­i­dat­ing goal for our spir­i­tual aspi­ra­tions, while at the same time directly con­nect­ing to the high­est human achieve­ment, of real­iz­ing Nib­bāna, the com­plete and utter end of suffering.


Cover of Awakened Beings


        Intro­duc­tion (pdf)

Eight Noble Beings

        Eight Noble Beings (pdf)

Attrib­utes of an Arahant

        Attrib­utes of an Ara­hant (pdf)

Phys­i­cal Devel­op­ment (bhāvita-kāya)

Moral Devel­op­ment (bhāvita-sīla)

Men­tal Devel­op­ment (bhāvita-citta)

      Wis­dom Devel­op­ment (bhāvita-paññā)

Addi­tional Attributes

Seven Noble Beings

King of Arahants

Dis­tinc­tions Between Dif­fer­ent Lev­els of Noble Beings

Fac­tors of Stream-Entry

       Fac­tors of Stream-Entry (pdf)

Attrib­utes of Stream-Enterers

Buddha’s Words on Stream-Enterers

Addi­tional Points on Stream-Enterers

Appen­dix 1: Sīlabbata-parāmāsa

Appen­dix 2: Learned Ones (suta­vant), Noble Dis­ci­ples (ariya-sāvaka), and Noble Dhamma (ariya-dhamma).

Appen­dix 3: Incen­tives for Giving

Appen­dix 4: Addi­tional Scrip­tural Quotations