Bhikkhuni Book

Part I:

The first part of Ven­er­a­ble Phra Payutto’s book ‘The Bud­dhist Dis­ci­pline in Rela­tion to Bhikkhu­nis: Ques­tions & Answers: Phra Payutto & Dr. Mar­tin Seeger’ is now available.

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Part II:

Added: March 19th 2014. Part II focuses pri­mar­ily on the garud­ham­mas (‘prin­ci­ples requir­ing weighty con­sid­er­a­tion,’ ‘prin­ci­ples requir­ing sin­cere respect’). It also con­tains a sec­tion cov­er­ing issues sur­round­ing the First Recita­tion (First Coun­cil), as well as mate­r­ial on ordi­na­tions span­ning dif­fer­ent Bud­dhist traditions.

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