Transcendent Right View

Girl Pouring Water

Right view conforming to transcendence stems from wise reflection, which plays an essential role. Generally speaking, the behaviour of unawakened persons is dictated by values instilled by society, for example to abstain from specific kinds of bad behaviour and to perform specific kinds of good actions, according to model teachings, instructions, transmissions, and edicts. Whenever unawakened persons do not fall under the sway of such socially instilled values, they fall subject to craving (taṇhā), which today is referred to as ‘emotions.’ Wise reflection helps to free a person from the influence of social values and from the enslavement by mental defilement, and it engenders a freedom of behaviour guided by wisdom. In sum, when a person thinks or acts without the presence of wise reflection, if he does not succumb to external social values then he falls under the power of his own craving. When one possesses transcendent right view, however, one is truly liberated from the influence and power of society.

From chapter 19 of Buddhadhamma, on the path factors of wisdom, by Venerable Phra Payutto

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